Despite the fact that you’ve probably heard of company transformation before, it’s as relevant today as it has ever been. There will always be paradigm shifts that force your clients to change their ways of doing things.

Your clients’ productivity and competitiveness should always be a top priority for you, and the concept of business transformation goes hand-in-hand with that. So, why not assist your clients in bettering their strategy and accelerating their business transformation?

There’s no better approach than Microsoft 365 to make it happen. VaporVM is well positioned to assist as a value-added cloud solutions partner.

Strategic Consultancy Can Help You Transform Your Firm.

How do you provide service to your clients? If you receive a lot of one-time requests and work in a break/fix environment, you should reconsider your business approach. Subscription-based or continuing managed services are not only more profitable for your business, but they also save you time and money.

Positioning yourself as a strategic consultant is one method to transition from break/fix to managed service provider (MSP). Existing MSPs can employ this strategy to provide long-term value to their clients while also accelerating their business change.

Strategic consulting encompasses a wide range of actions that can assist your customers in increasing productivity, profitability, and overall brand loyalty.

Providing training courses around your value-added services for Microsoft 365, as well as conducting quarterly performance audits to ensure you’re a critical part of their future, are just a few examples of duties that could drive you into a more strategic role.

Begin With Digital Transformation

It’s crucial to remember that when selecting how to alter a customer’s business, you must also consider digital transformation. According to a Tech Pro Research poll from 2018, 70% of businesses have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one.

Indeed, it is possible to claim that digital transformation can initiate or accelerate entire corporate transformation.

Systems, processes, people, and technology all play a role in business changes. Driving user adoption of new systems, processes, and technology to increase productivity, better collaborative efforts, and increase security, among other critical measures, should be central to modernizing a client’s business.

Why is this required? Increased adoption of new processes frees up IT resources, allowing clients to concentrate on larger projects. Increasing collaboration opportunities can boost overall productivity, and bolstering cybersecurity offers an atmosphere where users don’t have to worry about being subject to attacks or compromising critical data, regardless of where they work. Focusing on the aforementioned areas will help your clients achieve the core goal of their business transformation: increasing competitiveness in an ever-changing market.

How do you go about doing this? Microsoft 365 is the key to aiding business transformation for MSPs and other cloud resellers. Its productivity, collaboration, and communication technologies meet all of the aforementioned digital transformation needs.

The Microsoft ecosystem’s complexity also provides opportunity for MSPs to position themselves as strategic consultants for their clients.

Assume one of your clients is looking for ways to work from home. (With the continuing worldwide pandemic in mind, this scenario is becoming increasingly common for MSPs.) To get the job done, you should use Microsoft 365 and similar products, which, with the right configurations and security precautions, make working from home a breeze. When your clients see their business running smoothly and securely from a distance, new projects and opportunities may materialize, such as expanding into new geographic markets.

You’re now in a great position to be a vital part of their expansion ambitions as their strategic consultant, trusted IT advisor, and overall company transformation coach. Microsoft 365 is where it all begins!

Begin By Discussing Value-Added Services.

Security, productivity, and education should all be discussed with clients when it comes to company transformation. Offering value-added services focusing on those three areas, in addition to Microsoft 365, will assist your clients accelerate their business transformation.

On this front, working with the appropriate partner goes a long way! VaporVM’s cloud solutions, and services, for example, are designed to assist partners in delivering digital and business transformation to their clients.

Proofpoint & Office Protect

Two value-adds that can assist your clients improve their cybersecurity are Office Protect and Proofpoint. Office Protect is a simple security management add-on for Microsoft 365 that provides an extra layer of protection against malicious assaults and unintended breaches. Proofpoint safeguards clients’ email against phishing, malware, and spam, as well as offering threat prevention and superior spam filtering.

Proofpoint protects clients’ emails against phishing, malware, and spam, as well as offering threat prevention and superior spam filtering.


QuickHelp, a Brainstorm product, helps Microsoft 365 tenants adopt new features by delivering ongoing training. Clients can design personalized learning courses for specific user roles, complete with visually appealing training modules that inspire genuine change.

QuickHelp’s material library is updated on a regular basis, so users don’t feel like they’re studying the same thing again and over, and customized skill pathways can save staff hours of valuable time.

Acronis Online Backup

Acronis Online Backup is a hybrid system that offers superior ransomware protection, multi-level encryption, and a variety of storage options to consumers. It allows employees to access vital data from wherever while meeting critical compliance and privacy standards.

Work with the right partner

When you bundle these services with Microsoft 365, you can boost your clients’ productivity and adoption rates, effectively speeding up their business transformation and assisting them in achieving their objectives. Your role as their dedicated cloud provider is critical in this process, and it can have a significant impact on your own company’s growth.

Working with the right value-added cloud solutions provider is essential to make this happen. To discover more about how VaporVM can assist your company in realizing its full cloud potential, see our Partner Guide.