It is vital for a business to operate at peak efficiency. The ability to grow, cooperate, and communicate with ease is a hallmark of a highly productive organisation. An organization’s agility and ability to compete in its market are both enhanced when employees have easy access to productivity tools.

Microsoft’s Office 365 productivity suite includes Word, Exchange, Excel, SharePoint, and Teams. Because Office 365 is a cloud-based service, you may access all of its features from anywhere, on any device, via the internet.

Because of how nicely the functions in Office 365 interact and compliment one another, it is a crucial tool for any organisation.

Seven main advantages of Office 365 Services

Reliability of Service

It doesn’t matter what happens in the office if your files are constantly backed up and stored on the cloud. It doesn’t matter what happens to your physical equipment when it comes to cloud storage. Exchange’s recovery features make it possible to restore individual emails or even entire inboxes if necessary. Your business can proceed as usual even if Office 365 is unavailable.

On-demand upgrades are carried out

There is no need to download additional software to use Word, Excel, or Outlook online. Every time a new version is released, you don’t have to bother about updating your software manually. You’ll never have to buy new software again thanks to Office 365’s automatic upgrades.

Single-Point-of-Contact Collaboration

Using Office 365’s collaborative tools, you can share mailboxes, calendars, and contacts, as well as edit documents in real-time. From the start, you’ll be able to plan meetings that benefit everyone because you’ll know who’s available at the time. Thus, messages are filtered to ensure that they are included in the shared inbox and do not fall through the cracks. One of SharePoint’s most important features is its ability to facilitate collaboration. It’s possible to access and edit documents saved here by any member of the team, as well as share them with others via email. Multiple users can work together in real time on documents saved in SharePoint. You can see who is currently working on the document and even where they are located thanks to little colourful flags that identify each user in the text.

Office 365 provides access to OneNote, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel online. For organisations of any size, Office 365’s feature set is unsurpassed in terms of its breadth and depth. This month-to-month payment option makes it possible for organisations of any size and number of users to continue using Office 365 without interruption.

Access to Your Files From Anywhere, At Any Time

All of your company’s files may be stored in the cloud with Office 365. Accessible via any internet-connected device, they can be accessed from anywhere. For firms that value mobile working, having access to all of your apps and information when you’re away from the office is essential.

Improved Communication

Skype and Outlook users can benefit from Office 365’s ability to consolidate and simplify communication. As long as you have Skype for Business installed, you may collaborate with coworkers and external agencies no matter where they are located or what time zone they are in. Teams is an instant messaging feature that allows users to post comments and submit files at the same time for cross-department collaboration and co-authoring projects. Team members will be alerted to the fact that a comment has been made with their name in it when you ‘at’ them on the Teams platform. Individuals and groups can be contacted at any time, regardless of where they are located or what time it is.

In addition to SharePoint, Yammer is an enterprise social network included with Office 365 subscriptions. Post a message on your company’s ‘news feed’ to reach your entire staff at once. Every time a new post is published, a notification is sent to the staff through email, ensuring that no messages go unnoticed. Yammer allows you to build ‘channels’ for specialised purposes so that you don’t have to post to the entire company. Yammer messages are open to comments from anyone.

Storage on the Cloud That’s Secure

Even if someone manages to gain access to the computer you’re using, security measures like the two-factor authentication in Office 365 prevent unauthorised users from accessing your data. If an organisation deals with sensitive data or information, threat detection and anti-malware software is absolutely essential. You don’t have to worry about security with Office 365

control over one’s spending

Depending on the number of users that use the service each month, Microsoft Office 365 is available as a monthly subscription. Based on the features you choose, you’ll have to pay for your licences. The cost of a licence varies according to the company’s size due to the different products and services it includes. It’s easier to budget your IT costs for the following year if you pay per user each month. You don’t have to worry about additional costs because your licencing fee includes upgrades. You can add or remove licenses at any moment using Core, whether you’re adding new staff or terminating existing ones. As a result, you’ll never have a licence that’s too broad, and you’ll never waste a licence

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