Data is a company’s most precious asset in this digital age of constant connectivity. How can organisations safeguard this valuable asset in the face of the ever-increasing complexity of the digital landscape? The solution is to comprehend and categorise the data we are attempting to safeguard, rather than relying just on the abundance of security technologies and platforms. The next important but sometimes disregarded part of data security is data classification.

A Foundational Approach to Cybersecurity

Data categorization, at its heart, is just sorting information into different buckets according to factors like content, origin, and relevance to the business. What makes this so important? Similar to how you wouldn’t secure all of your valuable possessions with the same key, not every data requires the same degree of protection.

Businesses can put a monetary value on their data through data classification. This prevents less important data from being encumbered with needless security layers while high-value assets are subject to rigorous protection procedures. This guarantees resource efficiency while also maximising security efficacy.

Striking Out Side by Side

Platforms and skills are crucial for executing effective data classification. Data discovery, classification, and monitoring are all taken care of by Varonis’s cutting-edge data security platform. Any platform, tool, or product is only as good as its execution. At this point, Managex steps in, drawing on their extensive cybersecurity knowledge to customise Varonis’ features and guarantee a data-centric security plan tailored to any company’s specific requirements. In the following steps, I will discuss how we can accomplish this.

Steps to Efficiently Categorise Data

Locating and Uncovering Data
One must first find things before they can categorise them. The proliferation of cloud computing and other digital infrastructures has resulted in data existing in a wide variety of settings. In this regard, Varonis and similar platforms shine, as they sift through mountains of data, both organised and unstructured, to locate and catalogue valuable information. ManageX helps steer this discovery process by comprehending the complexities of various company architectures, which guarantees that all data, regardless of its location, is exposed.

Sorting Information
After data has been located, it is sorted into several categories using criteria like:

• Relevance (open, private, very secret, etc.)
• Implications for regulations (such as GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, etc.)
• Company operation (human resources, accounting, operations, etc.)
• Property rights (or an analogous concept)

At this stage, the security protocols and access levels linked to each type of data are established.

The Management and Labelling of Data
To make sure that everybody who has access to the data knows right away what it is, data assets are labelled after classification. Labelling processes can be entirely automated, partially automated, or hybrid. Important for DLP techniques, platforms like Varonis guarantee accurate and consistent labelling.

Establishing handling protocols is a part of labelling. They specify the methods for retrieving, storing, transmitting, and finally retiring each type of data. By taking a comprehensive view of the data lifecycle, ManageX guarantees that these standards are strong and in line with what is considered best in the industry.

Tracking and Verifying Data
There is constant change in the digital world. What is considered public data now may be considered secret tomorrow. Maintaining accurate data categorization requires constant vigilance. Varonis provides real-time monitoring with its powerful analytical capabilities, notifying users of any inconsistencies or attempts at unauthorised access.

However, simply keeping an eye on things is insufficient. To keep classification protocols up-to-date and effective in the face of ever-changing cyber risks, it is advisable to have them reviewed regularly by qualified ManageX experts.

The Benefit of Varonis
Varonis is superior to other platforms that provide data classification. That’s why:

• Varonis uses automated categorization to reduce human error and provide consistent classification across huge datasets by employing machine learning and rule-based techniques.
• Varonis provides granular visibility into data transactions, including when, how, and by whom, allowing for effective monitoring and breach detection.
• Data classification should be a cohesive component of an overarching security strategy, and Varonis’s ability to interact with other systems guarantees this.
•Once data discovery and classification are finished, Varonis really shines by incorporating remediation into the data itself, a process known as autonomous remediation. This implements least privilege security measures and decreases an organization’s blast radius.

Data Classification: Making a Difference
The full capability of Varonis’s data security platform is guaranteed by ManageX, even though Varonis provides a comprehensive platform. From understanding the particular difficulties and requirements of an organisation to designing bespoke strategies that harness Varonis’ capabilities, ManageX is a guiding force in the area of data classification.

By incorporating data classification into larger cybersecurity policies and processes, ManageX guarantees that classified data is adequately safeguarded throughout its lifecycle, thanks to its focus on a comprehensive, data-centric security strategy.

Information Categorization in a Dynamic Digital Environment

Data classification will become increasingly important as cybersecurity threats change and organisations undergo digital revolutions. However, organisations can confront these difficulties directly with the help of Varonis and ManageX’s expertise.

The enormous digital cosmos presents challenges, but it also offers opportunities for advancement. The right data classification is like a lighthouse; it shows businesses the way to efficient and effective data security. Knowledge is more than just power; it is protection in the data world. If you need assistance along the way, ManageX and Varonis are at your service. We can show you how to make sense of your data and make it work for you. Simply said, data is king when it comes to what organisations own and should be well-versed in.

Want to strengthen the protection of your data? To learn more about how ManageX and Varonis can transform your data security, contact us now.