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Cyber Security Services

Security Assessment

ManageX provides Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services to help you immediately discover security lapses within your infrastructure...


Security Operation Center

ManageX SOC-as-a-Service allows our customers immediately deploy resources who use industry leading SIEM solutions to begin monitoring your devices...


Code Review

Get access to certified cloud resources to immediately setup your CI/CD pipelines, deploy container environments and optimize your infrastructure.


Company Benefits

Explore our future ready cyber security solutions

Discover cutting-edge cyber security solutions at ManageX that are designed to safeguard your digital assets and protect against emerging threats. Our future-ready approach ensures your organization stays one step ahead in an ever-evolving cyber landscape. Explore now and secure your future with confidence.

Governance Risk and Compliance

Risks should be evaluated for people, processes, and technology. Implement measures that lower business risks and aid in adhering to laws like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR, among others.

Advanced network security

Protect your distributed networks and users globally with many layers of security without affecting your business.

Our Completed Projects

Improve & Enhance Our Cyber Security Projects

Company Benefits

Why Cyber Security Services from ManageX

Managex simplifies security operations and lets teams focus on key projects.

Security Analytics

AI/ML analytics engine evaluates 36 billion NetFlow records each day in security data lake for improved detection and mitigation.

Unified visibility

Role-based visibility and self-service for customers, tech engineers, and security engineers.

ManageX Cyber Security

The 5 Cs of Cyber Security as a Service (Saas)

Long-term business strategy involves IT Most businesses collapse after a cyber-attack. Ensuring your company’s cybersecurity is important. These 5 Cs should be in every cybersecurity plan.







Coverage shows the scale of your company's IT infrastructure. Larger IT infrastructures are often more vulnerable to cyber threats. Coverage represents the extent of your IT infrastructure. But coverage can change. As your company develops, so may your coverage.

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Change is flexible. Every day, new cyber-threats appear. So must your company's cybersecurity strategy! Change aims to improve your company's cybersecurity. Your company's cybersecurity strategy must be continually updated to protect against new cyber threats

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Continuity is critical in cybersecurity.It understand continuity so, what is it? The plan for “continued” business operations in the event of a tragedy. When it comes to cybersecurity, continuity deals with issues like hacking and ransomware. You must ensure that your business can survive an IT calamity.

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Most companies have security policies that employees must follow when accessing their IT systems. Adherence to these standards is audited. You must enforce your cybersecurity policy. Your cybersecurity plan should include compliance.

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The expense of a cybersecurity strategy is also critical. The term "cost" refers to the amount of money your business currently spends on cybersecurity and the amount it wants to spend in the future. Certain businesses spend $10,000 per year on security. Others exceed $100k. When designing a cybersecurity plan, it is critical to consider both past and future costs.

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B Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protecting your data and guaranteeing fast recovery so business continuity is never compromised.

S  24/7 support and assistance

24/7 support and assistance

Our global staff of cyber incident response experts can provide remote and on-site support 24/7 if the worst happens.

T Technology Procurement

Technology Procurement

Personal technology. We advise your software and hardware purchases to meet your individual business demands and goals.

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